We provide tailored race car rental solutions to meet your specific needs. Perfect for new or experienced racers. It all starts with a phone call:

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SCCA Club Racing

  • Specializing in SM, SSM, and SMT
  • 11 cars available - we can accommodate all sizes and skill levels
  • Car transport to the track provided
  • We supply the crew, gasoline, etc
  • We hold your hand through the racing process


"I used to be dead last. Now I"m standing on the podium.Thanks Larry Oka Racing Services!"

-real live larry oka racing services client

Larry OKA Racing Services

For us, racing is as much about people as it is about driving. Hanging out in the paddock, working on cars, telling lies about the last race. It's not for the feint of heart, but it is fun. You have to be passionate - we are. You've got to want it - we do. Just show up - we'll help you through the rest.

Faster - middle age is gaining on you!

(925) 890-3555